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When compared to most of the marketplace, it can be seen that Penguin offer really generous allowances on all their accounts.

This includes bandwidth, webspace, number of subdomains and number of MySQL databases.

In addition, their support services are (based on my own experiences) both friendly and timely.

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About Us

JW Consultancy specializes in developing fixed-price, low-cost solutions to client's requirements.

Client market sectors continue to be varied and diverse, including but not limited to architectural consultants, transport logistics, church, diocese, charity, education, 'motability', training and recruitment.

A wide range of skills and tools are available to realize a solution. These include, Visual Basic, Javascript, DHTML, AJAX, PHP, MySQL, SQL Server and the Microsoft Office environment.

The solution delivery has changed markedly over the last ten years, and now nearly all new projects and solutions are written for the web. Broadband is pretty much de-facto across most of Great Britain and it has now become much more cost effective to operate a distibuted multi-office business but with a central database and information repository.

This multi-office scenario often extends to allow home workers and client 'extranet' facilities. Indeed, the power and leverage of the database and languages designed for the web has also increased! This has enabled business logic and applications - normally restricted to installed local software - to be replicated on the internet.

JW Consultancy will use its expertise to gather information about your business processes and deliver an elegant, secure, web-enabled solution.

Bespoke Programming

The many-faith church institutions are undoubtedly one of JW Consultancy's largest market sectors.

Building on 7 years prior experience with IT at the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Westminster, the portfolio of work has expanded to incorporate priests and parishes contact management, Chancery (marriages), Planned Giving, Property Management and Education.

Dioceses and organisations that are currently using JW Consultancy software and web applications include the Archdiocese of Westminster (RC), Diocese of Ripon & Leeds (CofE), Diocese of Truro CofE),Diocese of Durham (CofE), Diocese of York (CofE), Bradford and Ripon & Leeds Education Team (CofE) and COPCA (RC).

In particular CSAS (formerly COPCA, Catholic Office for the Protection of Children and vulnerable Adults formed after the Nolan report 2001) is an agency dedicated to the role of managing the CRB applications and disclosures from every catholic Diocese in England and Wales (all 22 plus other non-diocesan agencies). JW Consultancy is currently instrumental in ensuring that this web based solution is developed and improved to meet the ever tightening and changing legal needs in what is a highly emotive and sensitive area.

Currently the Education Team Software and the more general Diocesan Office Management Software are available to roll-out to other Dioceses. Please contact JW Consultancy for more details and prices.